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To be creative, you need the perfect workspace. For most it is a tidier desk with bright light, but for me it’s my lovely bed. I wear cozy homewear, sit on my beloved reindeer skin, drink Vanilla Coke and my cell phone and Mac are ready.  | Continue reading |

New week, new luck and new experiences! During you’re reading this blog post , I’m preparing my shopping trip to London! Once or twice a year we fly to go shopping in the big city! We’re starting in the morning and go back in the evening. We usually start at Harrods, choose a delicious breakfast in the delicatessen department and then head out to the boutiques! A day full of fun, good food and a lot of new things … of course you can enjoy all the fun via snapchat. Simply follow me and accompanied me to the shopping madness -> curlsallover <- I’m happy about everyone!  | Continue reading |